Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond Saw Blades

HANS was a professional manufacturer of diamond tools, equipped with superior equipment, comprehensive testing systems, and robust technical capabilities. Our cutting, grinding, and drilling tools find extensive use in processing various materials such as stone, ceramics, glass, seashells, fire-retardant materials, concrete, and asphalt. Through the application of technology, we are committed to providing you with superior diamond toolsolutions.

Our tools are utilized in various industries, including:

1. Stone Industry: Our tools are essential for working with stone materials, ensuring precision and efficiency.

2. Construction Industry: We provide reliable tools that meet the demands of construction applications.

3. Glass Industry: Our tools cater to the unique requirements of the glass industry, delivering precision and quality.

4. Economical Continuous Rim Blades: Our new blades feature diamonds throughout the edge, ensuring aggressive cutting. These blades are designed to last long, as the diamond particles are incorporated into the actual metal of the rim. blades up to 24" in diameter work well with water, and for extended blades life, we recommend using an additive like Lube Cool 4800 with oil. These blades feature a continuous rim for consistent cutting.

5. Precision Sintered Saw Blades: These professional-quality blades contain a high concentration of premium industrial diamonds, enabling faster cutting compared to regular notched rim blades. Smaller size thin core blades are ideal for cutting valuable materials to minimize material loss. These sintered bladescan be used with rust-inhibiting water coolants, although oil coolants provide longer blades life.

6. Notched Rim Lapidary Blades: Excellent quality commercial-grade blades designed for hard